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Here is a flash player with music that we've created here at Snowball Designs and Productions. The artist's name below is Ryan Smith and he is from Naicatchewenin First Nation. This is a song that we've produced in 15 minutes or less (an original song) and it is entitled "Your Song" written for his girlfriend. Another track added was recorded by The WIld Horss entitled "Flute and Guitar". This track was composed and recorded in 10 minutes. Enjoy.

Paintings by Åse Rustad

Åse Rustad is an artist from Fetsund, Norway. Please visit her site and check out her paintings. If you like her paintings, please consider buying one from her. She would be very thankful to you if you bought one of her paintings. Remember, she does understand a fair amount of english so contact her today through her site.

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