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About Snowball Designs and Productions

Snowball Designs and Production is a Canadian-based Internet presence design consultancy which was founded in December 2007 and is located on an "Indian" reservation named, "Naicatchewenin First Nation." This "indian" reserve is also known as Northwest Bay. We have a base of technical consultants who can design pages for Clients wanting simple, brochure-quality internet advertising or for Clients wanting to showcase their products, services or goods for electronic business transactions using leading-edge technology and features. We are "Native" owned and operated belonging to the Ojibway nation. We look forward to servicing your everyday needs.

Notes from the WebMaster:

I feel that everyone has the right to know who you are dealing with in terms of getting to know a web master like myself. I like to make people feel comfortable and to gain my trust during my services that I provide. I will always be in communication with my clients when I design sites through the use of the internet using email/Instant messenger programs. I may also be in touch by phone if both parties do not have access to the internet at some point in time. Snail mail/regular mail is another option in terms of communication. This option can be used when sending files such as pictures that need to scanned for your proposed site. The way we communicate may be different in the future, technology changes all the time. Therefore, we have to change in order to keep up with the demands of our clients that we service. The internet is always constant state of change. There may be new types of design principles that I might not even know but I will always upgrade my skills whenever technology changes. I am sure that it will always change.

When I first started designing sites, I only knew of basic html. Now, I know a lot about other design techniques such as using Cascading Style Sheets and XHTML. I have good understanding about The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) rules and web standards. I am very knowledgeable in the field of web design and digital music production.

I look forward to servicing everyone who is looking for this type of service. Snowball Designs and Productions provide all these types of services and more.

Allan Snowball,
Owner of Snowball Designs and Productions.

Allan Snowball

Name: Allan Snowball
Age: 43
Ethnic Background: Aboriginal descent(ojibway)
Education Background: Associates degree in Business Administration. I am also certified in web design. I continue to educate myself through the use of the internet for new concepts in the field of web design. I currently live in Naicatchewenin First Nation, Canada with my wife.